Skater / 110% Trish the Dish

  • 110%

    Trish the Dish


    Wildfires Co-Captain 2016-2017, SoCal Kraken Captain 2011-2016. San Diego Derby Dolls All-stars Captain 2009-2010. Sin City Rollergirls Captain: 2005-2007. AZRD Bad News Beaters Captain: 2004-2005. Coach: League, Team, Bootcamp for 12 years.

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Home Town

National Park, NJ

Athletic Background

Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball (player/coach)

Biggest Challenge

Keeping up with the youngsters


Trish the Dish joined AZRD in 2004, taking her rookie team to the League Finals. In 2005, Dish partnered with Ivanna S. Pankin to start the Sin City Rollergirls in Las Vegas, Sin City Skates (the 1st derby shop in the world) and RollerCon (the largest derby convention in the world).

In 2009, Dish and Ivanna were wooed to San Diego and joined the San Diego Derby Dolls, helping them conquer the Banked Track Title for 2 years in a row.

In 2011, Dish helped start SoCal Derby (the 1st WFTDA league in San Diego), taking them to World Playoffs by 2014, ranked 36th in the world. In 2015, Dish teamed back up with the San Diego Derby Dolls to fortify World Derby Domination.