Skater / 451 Tiger Lily

  • 451

    Tiger Lily


    Spitfires Captain 2016

    Best Blocker Jr BOTB 2014, MVP 9/27/2014

Home Town

Jamul, CA.

Athletic Background

I think I went jogging once but I can’t remember .

Favorite Quote

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”


Kurt Cobain.

Best Skill

Getting my sweat on everyone.

Biggest Challenge

Trying not to space out and being clumsy.


Being a teenager, I have often found myself looking for a place where I belong and am accepted. By joining Roller Derby, I can honestly say that I have found that place. I’d say that I’m pretty alternative, making me normally the odd ball of the crowd–but here I’m just a normal person, which makes it easy to fit in. I joined Derby in February 2012 not knowing how to skate at all. For a while every practice was a challenge to simply skate a lap around the track. Even though I would get frustrated at times I never gave up because of my awesome coaches and their encouragement. I eventually managed to overcome those obstacles and finally make it to team level a year later. So no matter what struggles life hits you in the face with (literally) you just have to strap your skates on tight and keep moving forward!