Skater / 11 Ryl’d Up

Best Skill

Never giving in to the stress of the game.

Favorite Quote

“People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Heidi Evidence! Our loving and supportive coach! She pushes us past our limit and makes us better skaters.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge is staying healthy…off skates. Avoiding sprained ankles, wrists, and fingers seems to be difficult.


I started playing roller derby when I was 11 and I am still loving it! I have gone through every sport in the book – tennis, soccer, swim, etc. None of those sports really kept me interested. When I found roller derby and watched my first game, I knew it was going to be the perfect sport for me. My goal as a skater is to become more agile and thoughtful. Oh, and work on my endurance! The Doll House is my second home and the people in it are just another part of my family. I am so grateful for all of the people there.