Skater / 4 Maliboomer

San Diego Derby United Tremors 2020 Boomer

Home Town

Poway, CA

Athletic Background

I play roller derby. I used to do childish tumbling.

Favorite Quote

“Oh, you ran a marathon. How heavy was the sleigh?” (Husky as the background)


The world around me. (Especially for books I write)

Best Skill

Jamming and sitting on people with my booty.

Biggest Challenge

Calling the jam off at the right time and knowing where to enter after I get hit out.


My sister, Lucy, came home one day all excited about this new sport. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but I gave it a try. When I was in level one or two, I wanted to quit roller derby because it was too hard. My mom said if I quit I would never go back. I had to think about my decision and I made up my mind: I wasn’t going to quit. And look where I am now, on the team. Thank goodness I stayed! Roller derby means so much to me and changed my life forever. I will never forget those tough times that I had to overcome with the support of my team and awesome coaches!

Contributing Photographer: Tristan King