Skater / L’eggs N. Bacon

Home Town

Raised in and around the greater Phoenix area. A true Southwestern girl that has never lived anywhere else and never plans to.

Athletic Background

Before derby I was an avid hiker. Stop hiking and started skating in hopes that it would be less impact on my damaged knees….HA!

Favorite Quote

“It’s hard to be cool” -I have no idea who said this to me originally (maybe I was talking to myself), but I’ve been repeating it since high school.


I am really inspired by all the women I see every day. Even when I am broken and tired and burnt out and fed up, I just think about how important it is to keep this sport going for all the amazing women’s lives that it touches and they all just keep me marching along.

Best Skill

Paperwork ?

Biggest Challenge

Convincing myself that I’m good at something besides paperwork. 😉


Bacon grew up in Arizona, so there wasn’t much outside play during the 100+ degree summers. The thing she most looked forward to was going to Rollero, the local skating rink, every week. She didn’t know what a big part skating would play in her adult life, but as a child completely found her own zen with just skating in circles to the music for hours and hours on end. Bacon started playing derby in 2009 with Hidden City Derby Girls, was later one of the founding members of SoCal Derby in 2011, and joined San Diego Derby Dolls in 2016 while remaining with SoCal Derby presently.