Skater / 43 Janet Jax’em Up

  • 43

    Janet Jax’em Up


    Co-Captain of Sparks

    Rookie of the Year 2017, Jammer of the Year for Sparks 2018

Home Town

Lakeside, CA

Athletic Background

High school basketball and volleyball. Currently Jazzercise! (yes, people still do this)

Favorite Quote

“Everything will be alright if you hold on, It’s a struggle every day, gotta roll on” – Tupac Shakur


 My son, Jayden. He’s got this natural athletic talent that I wish I had. I try to channel that energy every time I lace my skates up, especially on bout day.

Best Skill

Running for my life

Biggest Challenge



I’ll never forget the first time I skated on the banked track, I went to visit The Dollhouse with a friend on an open skate night. We peered nervously over the kick rail into the track (I was not a very skilled skater at this point). A smiling face looked up at us and said, “Want me to show you how to skate the track?” It was Isabelle Ringer. She patiently showed us how to get on the track safely and where to start and then how to get maximum speed out of the apex. My mind was blown. It was so much fun. I signed up for Bootcamp in January 2017 and have been in love with banked track roller derby and this league ever since.

Contributing Photographers: Tristan King, Grant Palmer