Skater / 805 Hedy LaScar

Home Town

Lompoc, CA

Athletic Background

Absolutely None

Favorite Quote

Happiness is a lot like wetting your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.


Hedy Lamarr – a 1930s Hollywood actress and inventor. Besides being a pretty face, she was also the co-inventor of frequency-hopping spread-spectrum communication technology (a sort of precursor to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi developed to encrypt signals and prevent deliberate jamming during WWII).

Best Skill

Plow Stops

Biggest Challenge

Off-skates workouts


Hedy LaScar is originally from Lompoc, CA – a small town famous for its flower fields and federal penitentiary. She joined the San Diego Derby Dolls in January 2014 and is still representing her Central Coast pride (805 for life!). She may seem sweet and shy at first but all bets are off once she’s on the track. Hedy is constantly training to become the best all-around player she can be by building her mental and physical strength.

Hedy loves science, art and all things nerdy. She is an avid watcher of Jeopardy! and Antiques Roadshow but most of the time she’s lost in a book. Being a bit of a wallflower, she is grateful for all the strong and amazing women at the Dollhouse who have welcomed her into roller derby community. Like her namesake, Hedy plans to continue to defy expectations by being a really nice person who would love nothing more than to knock you down.

Contributing Photographer: Tristan King, Grant Palmer