Skater / 1022 Hartlyn!

  • 1022


    aka“Shot Through the Hartlyn” 

    Skater Rep

    League Up and Comer of the Year of 2013, League MVP Jammer of 2014, Southwest Showdown MVP Jammer, League MVP Jammer of 2015, Best Bout Makeup of 2015, Wildfires MVP Jammer BOTB IX, Wildfires MVP Jammer 2016, Best Bout Makeup 2016

Home Town

Westlake Village, CA

Athletic Background

Ballet, Tap, Jazz (8 years), Soccer (9 years), Gymnastics (2 years), Tennis (2 years)

Favorite Quote

“Be kind, not right.”
“Don’t let the beezies get you down.”


Smart women, strong women, unapologetic women, fearless women, Beyonce

Best Skill

Toe-stop agility and toe-stop “shuffling”/transitioning around blockers along the coping

Biggest Challenge

BLOCKING (so much to think about! How do you all do it??), plow stops, one-on-one blocking, playing offense


I attended my first roller derby bout in the Bay Area during my senior year of college. B.A.D. was playing. Demanda Riot was there. She both terrified and enlightened me. If there are two things I could one day hope to be simultaneously, it’s terrifying and enlightening. So, I went home that night and, knowing that I would be moving to San Diego immediately after graduation, signed up for the first available boot camp orientation I could find.

After learning to skate, the physics of which I completely did not understand (Do I move my legs out or back? How do I push forward on these things? What is gravity, and why?), and spending a year in boot camp feeling both maddening frustration and great pride and progress, I was given the honor of playing on a team with women I had looked up to since I stepped foot in the Dollhouse.

In the last year and a half, I have been lucky enough to play in different venues, versus different teams, alongside some amazing players and true friends. I have felt both terrified and enlightened many times. I absolutely cannot wait to continue this magical journey and plan to play for as long as my body will carry me.

Contributing Photographer: Tim Ozbun, Tristan KingGrant Palmer Photography, Michael Shane Bowles, Matthew Becker Photography