Skater / 1211 Chelle-Shocked

Home Town

San Diego, CA

Athletic Background

First competitive sport

Favorite Quote

” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky


John Hall, my first derby coach/trainer

Best Skill

Stopping a jammer dead in their tracks with a butt block and a hip flip off the track.

Biggest Challenge

Juggling home, work & derby!


Coming from having no roller skating background, I can say I am proud of my achievements so far in roller derby. I passed skills in October of 2013, for the flat track. My banked track adventure started in January of 2016. Whenever I get discouraged I remember I came from not being able to even stand on roller skates, to skating in games on the banked track ! Every practice I try to push myself as hard as possible. I love this sport ! The coaches inspire and motivate us, we are so lucky to have them ! I look forward to more training and more improvements.
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