Skater / 50/50 Cheap Trick

  • 50/50

    Cheap Trick

    akaTricky, Hit n Run 

    Bootcamp Coach

    Bootcamp coach willing to go that extra mile 2016, Most graceful 2015, Most likley to be skating at 80, 2014, Best helmet hair 2014

Home Town

Ventura, CA

Athletic Background

Softball & Artistic Skating

Favorite Quote

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” -Mae West


Elderly people who show the world, age is just a number

Best Skill

Transitions, skating backwards

Biggest Challenge

Forgetting that I’m AWESOME!


Cheap Trick was introduced to the San Diego Derby Dolls by her daughter in 2013. She started out training with the ref crew, but the sound of skates on the banked track drew her in. She graduated to become a league skater in a few short months. She thanks roller derby for helping her “Find her voice” and for opening he eyes to a whole new world filled with so many incredibly beautiful people.