Member of the Month / Trueblocka

Kori Truesdale (Trueblocka) joined the San Diego Aftershocks as a newbie in 2016. Off the bat, he had qualities of a skater that would excel and succeed in the sport of men’s roller derby, he just needed time and experience. Seeing him develop from a skater not knowing the rules of the game in 2016 to him now, currently winning multiple MVP awards, is nothing short of his potential. As a player, he has become a powerhouse playing both offense and defense.  Being able to play both  at the flick of a switch is not a feat everyone can perform, but he has developed that skill and it is what makes him a great teammate on the track. He is easy to work with, follows directions well and is a great blocking buddy. He can also jam as well, when needed! Not only that but he spends numerous hours head coaching a high ranked junior derby team.

Currently he is the Aftershocks President and league representative for the MRDA. After former teammates retired, Trueblocka took it upon himself to keep the Aftershocks name alive and help the team rebuild. This is no easy task for any player or league, but Trueblocka has done an excellent job. The Aftershocks thank you for keeping the name alive and congratulations on being the Member of the Month.

Photos: Hispanic Attack, Hugh Cox