Member of the Month / Paff Blue Ribbon

Paff Blue Ribbon is one of the San Diego Derby United refs that you’ll see at almost any derby event in the San Diego area. As head ref of the Stripes at SDDU, Paff is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on and off the track. If there’s ever a question about rules – for both flat and banked track derby – Paff is the man to ask.

Not only is this head ref active at SDDU games, Paff travels to neighboring leagues to officiate and referee at many out-of-town bouts. He flies to Battle on the Banked with the SDDU banked track team, and even attends RollerCon every year where you know he is officiating as many games as he can squeeze into his schedule!

Paff’s skills are not just limited to sanctioned events. He helps out at league scrimmages, adult games, juniors games, and even officiates training nights. On top of this, he’s consistently available at weekly Stripes meetings to discuss all things derby. He is always on top of rule changes and is the first to let skaters and fellow officials know what updates can be expected in upcoming seasons. Derby United is truly grateful to have a ref like Paff working to help the league grow and play at the highest level possible!

Contributing Writer: Cool Storie, Bro
Photo: Tristan King