Member of the Month / Janet Jax ’em Up

Our Member of the Month this time around is Janet Jax ’em Up. Jax transferred to San Diego Derby United from the Renegade Rollergirls at the end of 2016. She showed off her quick feet and fast-paced jamming moves during her first game in 2017 – The Greasers vs Pink Ladies! Jax is a fiercely dedicated and knowledgable skater who always pushes others to work as hard as she does. Whether she is coaching, jamming, or rooting from the sidelines, Derby Unites can always count on her to show up for her team. Jax’s warm smile and cheerful attitude are infectious, and leaguemates can’t help but enjoy themselves more when they are around her.

Please join us in congratulating the September Member of the Month and Sparks Captain – Janet Jax ’em Up!

Written by Jams Gordon
Photo by Grant Palmer