Member of the Month / Hannibal Lextor

  • NOV
    Skater Socal Cuttlefish, Derby United Sparks, Bench Coaching Staff

Hannibal Lextor, is truly one of a kind – as a skater, a supporter, and a leaguemate.

Coming to Derby United from Monterey Bay and now skating on the Socal Cuttlefish and Derby United Sparks, all of her teammates can attest to her dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to try anything. In short, being on the track with Hannibal Lextor is amazing.  Lex pushes herself and others to be the absolute best they can be, an invaluable trait when learning the complexities of the intense sport of roller derby and community surrounding it.

Lex is strong, kind, determined, reliable, and an incredibly hard worker. Unfortunately, she suffered from some health issues, but one could never call them “set-backs” in Lex’s case. Weeks after being in the hospital, friends found Lex out and supporting her teams and league. She helped pull weeds at the outdoor facility, sanded benches for the new track, and calling local businesses to ask about fundraising.

In addition to all of that, leaguemates could find her trackside when she hit the road with The Kraken travelling to Salem, Oregon.  The charter team had an outstanding performance and was helped in no small part by Lex’s skill in bench coaching!

Hannibal Lextor is an all-around incredible person and she is the November Derby United Member of the Month.

Photo: Tristan King