Brat is a recent transfer to San Diego from the Tallahassee Rollergirls. The folks at Derby United and SoCal Derby are very lucky she chose to make our programs her new derby home. She brings a wealth of talent and knowledge that come with her 9 years of roller derby experience. Brat plays derby with every team she is given an opportunity, bouting with the Cuttlefish, Kraken and most recently on the banked track with the Sparks.

She is a dream pivot who excels at offense and defense. Brat is a skater who always pushes her teammates to show up and try new things because derby should be challenging but still fun.  Now an integral part of the Kraken charter, she is a quiet force who knows how to stay calm under pressure. When she isn’t killing it on the track, derby fans can catch her learning new skills at the skate park or petting every dog she comes across. She is one rad human and every pack is made better with her in it.

Congratulations to the December Member of the Month, Brat!

Contributing Writer: Hannibal Lextor
Photo: Tristan King