Adult New Skater Orientation

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    Adult New Skater Orientation

    6060 Federal Blvd
    6:00 pm

Want to know more about the path to becoming a roller derby player? San Diego Derby United and SoCal Derby have joined together to offer you banked, flat, women’s, men’s, and junior’s roller derby in one convenient, central, San Diego location.

At our facility, you have the option to participate in the sport of roller derby in the way that best suits you.  You may start as a new skater in the Bootcamp program, designed to train incoming members from the ground up, transfer in from another league to play on the competitive teams, or learn how to become a referee. Whether you want to skate flat, banked, or strive to dominate both as a bitraxual skater, you can practice with the Derby United teams all week long.

Empower yourself to take the first step and attend orientation.

What to Expect at Orientation

Our Bootcamp coaches will introduce themselves by reviewing our league history, goals, and achievements, and they’ll go over some basic FAQs that most new skaters ask.  Orientation will include:

  •    Personal stories from current league members about their diverse range of experiences
  •    What skaters can expect from becoming a member of this fast-growing sport
  •    An overview of scheduling, gear, and competition levels
  •    How Bootcamp graduates get recruited to a bouting team
  •    Open questions and answers session
  •    Demonstration by league level skaters

Before Orientation concludes, you will see live roller derby in action. There will be explanations of the basics of the game, including the different positions, timing, and structure of a roller derby bout. There will be coaches on hand to answer questions as the action is happening.

Learn more about adult orientation and fill out our registration form to get started now.

Reservations or Walk Ins Welcome
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